Joining Old Palmerians

When you become a Freemason, it means that you have become a part of something very special, and if you join the Old Palmerians’ Lodge, you will have joined a very special lodge that, if you attended the school, will also perpetuate your association with Palmers. And if you didn’t attend the school, you will share the brotherly union of  like minded people.


Why join the OLD PALMERIANS’ Lodge?  

The Old Palmerians’ Lodge is special because it was founded 75 years ago by and for old boys and masters of the old Grays school.  The name has been perpetuated by Palmers School and College, which in recent years has been the source of the majority of our new brethren. However, we now welcome a growing membership from others in the area.

The tradition and history has given the Lodge its own special atmosphere and character which sets it apart; makes it special.  And  whilst meeting and enjoying each others company, we are also happy in the knowledge that we are doing something very worthwhile.

So why don’t you consider joining us?    One e-mail to the secretary could be all that it takes.